Carnal Leftovers – Papyral Slashing

Well, let’s start to say that I haven’t many information about this band: I know only that they are from Holland and I think that this is their debut album considering that on their My Space page there aren’t songs from different recording sessions. The guys play a sort of really old school death metal, nice in the atmospheres and in the general feeling, but to sum up immature. Sometimes they have reminded me a fast version of Benediction and Bolt Thrower even if, honestly, the grandeur of these two bands is quite far from here. There are also good songs, like “Relaxtives Crap Two” for example, or really nice riffs but generally this Papyral Slashing is not so inspired and dynamic as it should be. A band like Bolt Thrower has built their career not on the technical skills or on the high speed of the songs: but on memorable riffs and atmospheres. I think that Carnal Leftovers should follow this same hard direction: if they will be able to do the same we will have a new war machine but right now they need to grow up.

1. Vicious Cycle
2. Tropic Misanthropic
3. Structural Collapse
4. Relaxtives Crap Two
5. Papyral Slashing
6. Force-Fed Steroids
7. Armpity The Fool
8. Botulism Choose Your Poison
Crash Landing Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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