Carnal Redemption - Utter Depression

Persistence, determination and the undying lust for extreme death metal are some of the main reasons that led this brutal trio from Greece to overcome whatever problems got in their way and (finally!!!), release their first full length in age 2014! Carnal Redemption is a band that breathes the reek of death metal since 2000. Their first strike was in 2001 with their demo and since then they've been relentless in the way they express themselves through death metal! 2004 brought a promo to light and 2005 their EP with the title "Cerebral Chaos". And then ice cold silence for about 6 years. Through the ice period and straight through the fire again for some blasting rounds, 2014 was finally the time for them to release a full length. We had taken a bite of what's to come from the promo they released on 2011 but nothing could foretell the sheer and horrendous power they would unleash with their full.

So, "Utter Depression" plays and the first tunes of 'The Miserable Antihero' break radio silence! Blasting and technical, their personal style is obvious in every note, but it is clear that all this period the band has been evolving for good! Aggressive as it gets and perfectly combining technicality with groove and speed! Experience was on their side and it seems, they fully took advantage of it! The album hearing proceeds and you'll find yourself buried under tons of blastbeats covering tight and technical guitar themes! The riffs are simply ruthless in this one! The perfect combination of groove and technicality. I would say that by 80% they follow the 90s Florida scene, and looking up to bands as Monstrosity and Malevolent Creation, while the other20% comes from Europe and bands as Vader, mainly in the drumming section! The bass guitar is fat and heavy following the kicks and the riffs, filling the gap between the guitar sweeps and the drumming savagery, and the vocals are just superb. One of the most distinct death metal voices out there, with an exceptional flow and pronunciation, cursing lyrical contents of human manipulation, inner struggle and so on! Another thing about this full is its production! Heavy and dirty as it should be, but also allowing the instruments to breathe, giving each one its space. No shinny shit and no modern approach to the damn thing! You can hear everything loud and clear, but also everything there works as a team and nothing gets in the way of anything! The album closes with a re-recorded version of 'Victim Of The Cyberworld', which is a song one can find in the band's very first demo (personal favorite)!

Ten songs of pure and relentless technical death metal from these monsters from Greece, and this is the occasion where one has to say:… Daaaaamn it was worth the wait! Welcome back boys!

  1. The Miserable Antihero
  2. The Wound That Never Heals
  3. Dead Tired
  4. Genocidal Blindness
  5. Utter Depression
  6. Poisoned
  7. Armed With Prejudice
  8. Self-Stabbing Frenzy
  9. Social Antidote
  10. Victim Of The Cyberworld


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 15, 2014

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