Carnality - Dystopia

Carnality are a four piece band death metal band from Italy and "Dystopia" is their second full-length album. They exist as a group since 1999 so they have some experience behind their backs. I haven't listened their self-titled debut from 2011 so I cannot make a comparison between the sound of the first and the second album. But what I hear is a total of ten tracks built up around fast guitar riffs, blasting drumming and growling vocals. Carnality reminds a lot of bands like Deeds Of Flesh, Nile or Origin which means that those Italians show some impressive instrumental skills. Tracks like 'The Right Of Oblivion' and 'God Over Human Ruins' reveal fine melodic guitar leads mixed with the brutal aggressive sound. Besides technical playing, Carnality use some deathcore elements like the breakdown part in 'A Sysyphus Drama'. Those things will attract some people and will probably repulse others.

Unfortunately at some point "Dystopia" just stops to sound interesting. The songs don't have the necessary groove to stay longer into the listener's mind. Carnality know how to play their instruments but what they need is more memorable tracks. This is just another technical death metal album that will not stand out amongst the hundreds of similar releases coming out each month.

  1. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
  2. Doomsday
  3. Fall Of The Human Ratio
  4. The Right Of Oblivion
  5. God Over Human Ruins
  6. A Sysyphus Drama
  7. Lord Of Drones
  8. Silent Enim Leges Inter Arma Pt.1 - A Simulacrum Of Humanity
  9. Silent Enim Leges Inter Arma Pt.2 - Resignation
  10. Silent Enim Leges Inter Arma Pt.3 - The Gift Of Anomie