Carnophage – Monument

Turkey’s Carnophage release their second full length a 36 guide on how to make a death metal album In 2016. "Monument" is a 36 minute Swiss watch of an album which strikes a perfect balance on every level. It’s a bit of a hard one explain because as technical the band can be it’s not something the band necessarily relies on. They don’t come blasting straight out of the gate. The albums first proper track for example 'Second Genesis' is actually quite mid paced and actually quite doomy buts builds up throughout in heaviness and is just punishing towards the end. It’s when 'Resistance Against Mind Clouding Heresy' kicks in where the band unleashes a traditional shred fest. The band makes good use of melodic leads and riffs in the background which gives the songs and extra layer of atmosphere or in case of 'Sparks Of The Experiment' dare I say catchiness! It’s has a wonderful mix of being dark and atmospheric where the songs feel claustrophobic and it has just enough of that clinical, cyber feel without being too clean and loosing it’s edge.

In terms of playing death metal and leaning more to the technical side the band can easily be mentioned in the same sentence as Nile, Suffocation and Decapitated. Carnophage don’t really sound like any of those bands but in terms of what they are doing and in terms of quality and how well thought out the songs are, that’s the caliber of band that comes to mind. This is a superb release, its air tight in its delivery and covers so much ground in a short time.  This is essential folks. This band is awesome!

I have found myself saying “album of the year” quite a few times this year but that’s because there is so much great music coming out especially when gems like this just pop out of the air. Well here is another contender!

  1. Incandescent
  2. Second Genesis
  3. Resistance Against Mind Clouding Heresy
  4. Same Old Circle
  5. Unbroken Fortitude
  6. At The Backside Of Our Civilization
  7. Ode To Corruption
  8. Sparks Of The Experiment
  9. Inertia And Failure

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 9, 2016
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