Catacumba – Animis Mortis

"Animus Mortis" was released March 3, 2013 on Metal Squad Records (tape) and by Blasphemy Production on CD and delivers an interesting mix of black metal infused with some death vocals. Their sound is impetuous with undertones of some doom metal, which makes for a moody listening experience. Reminiscent of Burzum and other black metal vocalists that sound like demons crawling out of hell, the singer nails the demonic tenor.

The album begins with a chaotic crowd and an inaudible robot voice implying a hostile takeover. Not sure if that was intended, but that is the beauty of music; interpretation is left to the listener. The breakdowns and changeups throughout the album are unpredictable and compliment the otherwise predictable growls strewn throughout songs like 'Simon The Magus'.

'Smoky God' could have been better had de Oliveira stuck to the death metal vocals. Some songs come off experimental with the erratic vocal changes. Extreme vocal changes in 'Smoky God' make it difficult to get into the song, but the melodic bridge two minutes into the song is trance-like making the vocals almost forgettable until they re-enter.

The last song, 'Procreation Of Hades' is the fastest song with iconic black metal sound. Infused with satanic cackles and a wicked guitar solo, this is the best song on the album.

Hopefully, Catacumba will keep playing with their sound and decide on the type of vocals they want to incorporate into their music. This band has potential to be a solid black metal band.

A cool bonus note: The cover art on this album called ‘The Uncreation Of Death’ is a concept by vocalist G.V.N. and illustrated by Emerson Maia.

1. Simon The Magus
2. Mnemosyne
3. Smoky God
4. Omega Chalice
5. Temple Of Bones
6. Procreation Of Hades

Blasphemy Production
Reviewer: Darlene Steelman
Apr 27, 2014
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