Cathartic Demise - In Absence

Cathartic Demise are a progressive thrash metal band from Ontario. They have been ripping it up since their self titled first release back in April 2019. On April 9th they release "In Absence" independently.

Being a progressive thrash metal band there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to this group.

The opening track entitled, 'With Lust' is a chilled out guitar based track with a large amount of atmosphere surrounding it, building up almost perfectly for the following track, 'For Power'.

'For Power' instantly kicks you in the gut with shred worthy riffs and a high tempo drum pattern using a heavy amount of kick and snare. However I do feel as if the bass has a large amount of treble making it stand out quite heavily in the track. In certain areas this is great as the bass lines are groovy and complex however in some areas it can be distracting in my opinion.

The vocal talent put behind this album has the perfect mix of grit and harmony giving you the feeling that a well-seasoned viking is roaring in your ears in the best possible of ways.

After you get past the first track this album hardly slows down, unless for a guitar solo or breakdown. All the songs have the feeling of growth making you want to listen to more in order to see what is around the next corner or what stops they are going to pull out.

Out of all the songs on this album I recommend 'Blade In The Dark' the most due to its unrelenting force feeling it has powering behind it. The guitar solo in this song comes at you like a missile not never slowing down, only getting faster and more complex as it goes.

After listening to the first 4 songs off this album it starts to feel incredibly same and can become dull as the band sticks to the same formula throughout the entire album throwing little change. This isn't to say all the rest of the songs are bad, quite the opposite as all the songs are at the same quality of greatness although the songs do all feel as if they have blended into one.

All together this album is a masterclass in classic progressive thrash music offering a unique sound that only Cathartic Demise can offer. This is a mega band that you should keep your eye on as they have put together a full length album of complex rhythms, drum patterns and near brutal vocals.

Vocals/ Lead Guitar - Bennett Smith
Lead Guitar - Taylor Wroblewski
Bass Guitar - Aaron Tanner
Drums - Angus Pike

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. With Lust...
2. For Power
3. Blade In The Dark
4. Silence Within
5. Pale Imitations
6. Disparity
7. In Absence
8. Waves
9. Desire

Self released
Reviewer: Tom Peppard
Mar 5, 2021

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