Cauldron - Chained To The Nite

Classic sounding Canadian Metal spawned from Toronto. Jason Decay (bass/vocals), Ian Chains (guitar) and Chris Rites (drums) manage to re-create that early - mid 80's heavy metal sound, hard hitting, fast, fun and a little dangerious which is also the sound that had gotten Cauldron a spot on Sweden's MUSKELROCK (muscle rock) gig (4 day festival), starrring the Canadian classic THOR.

Both Jason Decay and Ian Chains hailed from the now dismembered band Goat Horn and had gotten together with Chris Rites in 2007 to create what is now Cauldron. Aside from their 2007 4 track EP titled "Into The Cauldron", "Chained To The Nite" is their first official full length debut release. Now aside from the cheesy write up in their about me section on the Cauldron myspace page this album isn't so bad if you wish to relive the mid 80's which is what this music is all about (hence getting them the Thor gig). "Chained To The Nite" does present clean clear vocals, catchy riffs, nice leads that are not overkill, very tight musicianship and with good production, mixing and etc.. only downside with this albums quality I would suggest the vocals be abit stronger, they just don't break over the line where in some places would make these tracks really stand out. Don't get me wrong I do like the vocals but alittle more power would be nice to fully achieve that 80's Heavy Metal full authenticity. I also would like to add that the lyrics would need some fine tunning but then again the listen has to keep in mind that this is a total 80's popular heavy metal sound and lyrical maturity would just kill what this band is all about. Keeping the band's and album's theme in mind I give this a rating of -3/5 and do recommend "Chained To The Nite" to anyone wanting to relive or get a feel of what metal was like in the 80's.

1. Young And Hungry

2. Conjure The Mass

3. Chained Up In Chains

4. The Leaven / Fermenting Enchantress

5. Dreams Die Young

6. Bound To The Stake

7. Witch Trail

8. Midnite Hour

9. Chains Around Heaven
Earache Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 30, 2009
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