Cease Of Breeding - Sounds Of Disembowelment

Cease Of Breeding play a brand of death metal that can only be described as nothing short of absolutely fuckin' brutal! From the moment I put the CD in my player, these guys took my head near off my shoulders. Fast, unrelenting and pulverising are words that spring to mind!!
Blastbeats are served a plenty here with a very natural sounding kit which is cool. The riffs are catchy and build up momentum in the songs superbly with alot of twists and turns to keep you thinking. The bass is awesome! It has that real cool sounding, almost piano like honk which in alot of recordings these days the bass gets hidden in the mix though not on this ocassion. It sounds mint! The vocals here are guttural all the way broken up with the odd high searing high vocal but there aren't many. These guys remind me of the likes of Unmerciful and Disavowed (early) which to this reviewer does nothing but make me smile. I love this style! They clearly are fans of the mighty Suffocation also but hey aren't we all??!! There are hints of Cannibal Corpse too in the riffing, hahah I could of swore I hear a riff from "Hammer Smashed Face"!!

Lyrically, Cease Of Breeding deal with nothing but good ol gore and porn which I'm sure alot of you perhaps grow tiresome of but hey it's frequent in this style. The breakdowns although albeit there are not many, are so heavy! They are very much written for the crowd attendences to mosh too. As there are so little of them it makes for great listening and really puts emphasis on these slow parts. The double bass work is so fast in these parts and the guitars so chunky with that bass sound sitting beautifully in the mix with the vocals bellowing so low, goddammit, it's hard not to bang your head!!!

Choice cuts for myself on this CD are "Death To All And All To Death", "Nailed" and "Semen Exorcism". Now when I say these are choice cuts, these are the ones that really hooked me in! All the tracks kick serious ass and I have to commend the lads in Cease Of Breeding for this is the coolest CD I've heard this year so far!! The album has only 8 tracks but don't let that fool you, this CD is packed to the gills with brutality so it wastes no time what so ever in getting to the point. Class album well worthy of 5 out of 5... Bet you can't get the end riff of "Expanding The Massacre" out of your head by the time you listen to this! Check this out or miss this at your peril. This must make your shopping list this year!

1. Death to all and All to death
2. Proud to be a mass murderer
3. Nailed
4. 5.2 litres of blood
5. Sounds Of Disembowelment
6. Expanding The Massacre
7. Semen Exorcism
8. The sight of hanged men makes my day
Amputated Vein
Reviewer: Connor
Jan 26, 2011

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