Celebratum - Instinct

Fast and furious but melodic black metal. Hellish screaming vocals in songs that change tempo frequently. Raging from hyper to mid tempo rhythms. Pluspoint are the guitars which are dualistic fired upon the innocent hordes. Based on misanthropic and blasphemy Celebratum is raw, intense but all done by skilled corpsepainters. And as a bonus two videoclips for dark nights. Black metal in a pure form and free of pussy wimpy stuff.

1. Intro
2. Death-Gate
3. Ecstasy Of Pain
4. Revenge
5. Riders Of Storm
6. Act Of Insanity
7. Mirror Of Suffocation
8. Sweet Wine
9. Time Dwell
10. Pestilent Womb

2 Videoclips
Metal Age Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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