Centenary - Death… The Final Frontier

Second full length for the Americans Centenary, a Detroit band that has been active for less than ten years but with already two albums, an EP and a demo behind it.

"Death… The Final Frontier" is an old school death metal album in the veins of first Entombed and bands close to that kind of 90's sound. Raw and dirty sound at the right point, rhythmic rhythms and horror b-movies mood give this work a good chance to emerge among the numerous bands dedicated to this kind of genre. Since the opener 'Entangled In Entrails' the band describes and sets its work on very specific directions. A step back in time for a genre that has recently been gaining a strong attraction and attention again.

Centenary make the most of this card and with this album they give vent to all their skill to create a record worthy of note. The sound is definitely inspired by all the good that the 80s generated in the field of old style death metal, embellishing here and there with something innovative. In fact, there remains an amalgam of raw and sulphurous sound ('Malicious Symbiosis') which, although it never accelerates in intensity, perfectly identifies the mood of the whole work.

'Facial Dislocation' is simply divine in its majestic and domineering gait. 4/4 mighty and off to the descent into hell. Great job closed by a fantastic 'Slaves From The Grave' which brings us back to the most sought after and loved Swedish death.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Entangled In Entrails
2. Liquefied Rot
3. Strangled By The Night
4. Tower Of Excarnation
5. Ceaseless Astral Dirge
6. The Laughing Death
7. Malicious Symbiosis
8. Remote Manipulation
9. Facial Dislocation
10. Slaves From The Grave