Cerebral Effusion - Impulsive Psychopathic Acts

Ahhhh the new Cerebral Effusion!!! I gotta say, I love these guys!!! I picked up their earlier recordings a fair few years ago and loved them upon first listening, although the offering before this was somewhat lackluster but I still rocked it because I had the honor of sharing a stage with these guys and they blew me away!!! Hahahah and one of their guitarists even lost his passport and he really didn't seem to care, he was so chilled out!!
Hhahaha now back to the music!!!

This album devastates the senses with opening salvo "Humiliation Through Methodical Submission". It's fast, technical and absolutely pulverizing with some of the finest guttural vocals I have heard in an-age! The production is fat and punchy with crunchy guitars and generally a nice blend of all instruments, if anything I would have liked the bass up in the mix a little bit more but hey thats just my personal preference! I really liked that this album has a few nice slow chuggy bits to break up the blast blast blast formula. If anything, it's kinda like super guttural suffocation on steroids! There's enough breakdowns in this to satisfy any circlepit in the festival circuits this coming summer! As I mentioned earlier there's alot of blasting in this CD but I have to commend the drummer as he throws in alot of tricks to break it all up nicely. The track for me on this CD is "Epidemic Of The Era". This track is pit ready as it will ever be!!! Jam packed with breakdowns and blast sections capped off some evil gutturals and even a sweep pick here and there. This track has it all for me!!

My only gripe about this CD is, it only has 7 songs, clocking in at
approximately 35 mins which in all honesty, passes very quickly? Time flies when your having fun perhaps? I just wish there was a track or 2 more. One of the best brutal death metal releases I heard in a little while, well worth checking out!!

1. Humiliation Through Methodical Submission 
2. Homophobic Indiscriminate Violation 
3. Into Morbid Obesity 
4. Epidemic Of The Era
5. Psychotic Compositor 
6. Last Torture Preferment 
7. Absolute Excrement

Comatose Music
Reviewer: Connor
Apr 5, 2010

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