Ceremented – Chaos Mongering Degradation

This newly formed band from the USA with one demo out earlier this year called “Unbound Horror” was a digital release but also a very limited cassette run of 25 which as you can imagine has sold out. The bands second demo is also getting a cassette run via Norwegian label/distro Gravplass Propaganda limited to 100 copies with another physical release being put by the band at some later date. Minor investigations into the first demo yield the pugnacious fruits of a stagnant doom death tree as the sophomore demo continues the thematic sewer trawling doom laden death metal. Also deeper investigations reveal that the band has no guitar player utilising two bass guitars, a drummer and vocals which is not new as there have been bands within black metal, grindcore and sludge metal adopting this style.

Opening with a gradual fade in on 'Reek Of Pestilent Death', of background noise and vocal anguish the tune takes some time to get going as various effects are added to create a nightmarish atmosphere that wouldn’t be remiss on a horror movie. Eventually the torturous vocal emanations give way to an armada of bass that seems to deluge initially enveloping the whole song in suffocating low end reverberations. The deeply animalistic sonorous growls continue as the drums filter through, punching holes into the blanketing bass to allow some circulation in the oppressiveness the bands has created. The pace is sloth like in various sections of the demo, which adds to the cloying aura manufactured through 'Altars Of Waste' where a barricade of bass is erected with the drums being used this time to reinforce the wall created with a slow double kick as only the cymbals offer anything in the high end to effectively put some light in the subsonic miasma.

This is not easy music to listen to or absorb as repeated listens of the tracks does not make for a pleasurable listen unless submerging yourself into bitumen abyssal is your idea of fun. As 'Primal Contempt' is unveiled in all its gnarly glory the minimalistic battering replete with monstrous vocals is similar to bands like Funebrarum, Ignivomous but without guitar. The unspeakable terror that languishes within the closing track 'Putrid Ridden Ordinance' is palpable, the deliberate slow ominous pace and grisly vocals set the song and this demo as a whole within the realms of absolute sonic corruption. Prepare to be violated!

  1. Reek Of Pestilent Death
  2. Altars Of Waste
  3. Primal Contempt
  4. Putrid Ridden Ordinance

Self Released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 5, 2016
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