Chainsaw Surgery - Necrocannibalistic Perversions

A wicked intro taken from some low budget cult horror movie or something similar and then all hell breaks loose. Chainsaw Surgery are polluting the decent and romantic air waves since 2005. And I am going with the phrase 'polluting' because to any sane ears out there, their music will only cause damage rather than theme for discussion. To the others… the ones that want their music fast and loud enough, this is a really nice stop they can make, along their trip through extremity. And although these guys exist for almost ten years, the only release they have other than this full length here released in 2014, is their demo of 2006.

So "Necrocannibalistic Perversions" is their first full length and second release so far, and judging by the title alone, you can get a pretty good idea of how their brains work. Forget about melodic bullshit, forget about groovy interleaves and slow tempos and of course, forget about crystal clear productions. Not this time. These lunatics want it extreme and they mean it. From the first till the last moment, you'll find yourself barricaded inside a wall of relentless blast beats on top of wicked riffs, ultra guttural vocals and a production so sharp that cuts like broken glass. Not for the feather hearted I am tellin ya.

The production is bad. But I am sure that their eyes would turn backwards in the idea of a clean one. They wanted it this way. Their stuff had to be extreme and this type of production was the only one fitting to the madness they created. Riffs that have the tendency to swirl, in a crazy speed, and blast beat on top. Their answer to almost everything is a really loud blast beat, and if that is not good enough, well, they just run it a bit faster. The singer growls like there's no tomorrow. He literally leaves his guts hanging on the mic. In fact, after you reach the 7th or 8th song, their name will start making sense. Their music feels like a chainsaw cutting through your ear canal. Itchy and painful but at the same time, feels so good. For the perverts of anti-sound only. Chainsaw brutal death metal is what I would say if I had to describe their music. Rather fitting judging by the speed which in several occasions makes the sound of the blast beat along with the riffs sound like chainsaw cutting through a torso.

'Atrociously Mutilated And Molested', 'Rancid Collection Of Disemboweled Entrails' and 'To Defile Her Decomposing Genitals' are just an example of what those guys think of extreme. Graphic and perverted to the bone. Seriously all the fans of brutal death metal should check them. Won't change your views on it but like it or not, these are the 31 minutes that probably gather the fastest blast beats out there. I mean the songs proceed and those freaks do not seem to rest. Really need to see those guys play that shit live. "Necrocannibalistic Perversions" is the deal with this Dutch war machine and damn me… I'll fall for that. Try it to your bones and see if you can find a moment to rest between their thick layers of xtra demented, gory death metal… Seriously doubt it!

  1. Lugubere Lustmoord
  2. Atrociously Mutilated And Molested
  3. Putrescent Urogenintal Deformity
  4. Rancid Collection Of Disemboweled Entrails
  5. Bestial Cadaver Copulation
  6. To Defile Her Decomposing Genitals
  7. Necrocannibalistic Perversions
  8. Abhorrent Uterovaginal Excision
  9. Exulceration Of Eviscerated Intestines
  10. Sadistische Lijkschennis