Chancroid - Bestial Perversion Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic

Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria Haemuphilus Ducreyi. Sounds quite nasty and probably is just as nasty as the music of the Indonesian brutal death metal band Chancroid. Arief on drums, Hendri on guitars and bass, and Wira on the mike present to the world their debut full length album "Bestial Perversion Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic" (whatever that means).

What you will find here are eight tracks of brutal and disgusting death metal plus one intro and one atmospheric instrumental in the middle of the album. Everything you link brutal death metal with is here: blasting drums, chugging guitar riffs, and guttural vocals. Think about Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, Pyaemia etc. and you will know how this record sound.

The plus point is the undeniable brutality that is throughout the tracks, the minus point however is the lack of diversity in the music. All those ultra brutal songs sound more or less the same and there is nothing that really can make Chancroid stand out from the other similar bands which are quite a lot anyway. Having in mind that this is a debut album of a relatively young band (Chancroid are formed in 2011 and have two demos before this album) this is not a bad effort and if you just cannot get enough brutal death metal in your life then check this one out!

3 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Intro
2. Coitus Deification Terminology
3. Maximum High Tension Penetrating
4. Xyy
5. Hebephrenia
6. Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic
7. Sadomasochist
8. Abysmal Tranquility
9. Distortion Cognitive Of Malicious
10. Haemophilus Ducreyi Inoculated