Chaos Inception - The Abrogation

Chaos Inception is a technical death metal band from Huntsville that sounds like the good old days of Florida death metal. The band’s recent release, “The Abrogation” is a brutal masterpiece that may be only thirty minutes long, but is filled with intense technical death metal. However, Chaos inception goes beyond and adds technical thrash elements with some insane shredding that is very virtuosic. The vocals provided by lead singer Chris White remind me of other great death metal singers such as Dave Vincent from Morbid Angel. His growls are extremely heavy and I love his vocals especially on the song, “Ancient Ways Prevail.” I also like that song because it makes me feel like this band is trying hard to bring back that classic death metal sound and the guitar playing is phenomenal, especially the dark harmonic leads.

Another plus about this album is the production. The guitar’s are very heavy and the leads have a clear tone quality that I believe is lacking in recent death metal recordings from other I bands that I have listened to. Also, drummer Gary White’s drumming is monstrous with plenty of intense blast beats that provide a solid rhythm to each track on the album. The heavy introductions are pretty mind crushing and on the song, “Lunatic Necromancy” I like how the song builds up slowly then picks up speed like certain Slayer songs. On the song, “Hammer of Infidelity” it breaks into a insanely heavy grindcore style riff that gets the head banging right away.

Now with certain technical death metal bands I sometimes notice that the tracks sound similar to previous ones, but Chaos Inception does a good job adding variety musically and lyrically. Each song is brilliantly composed with extreme technicality and the production again is consistently heavy. Overall if you are a fan of technical death metal than I recommend listening to this album and checking out Chaos Inception. If I were to rate this album I would give it four stars out of five. “The Abrogation” is filled with great heavy technical guitar playing, powerful drumming, and great death metal songs to bang your head to. Chaos Inception is defiantly a band trying to keep death metal going by bringing the classic elements that have made this an important genre of music.


  1. The Abrogation
  2. Phalanx (The Tip of the Spear)
  3. Lunatic Necromancy
  4. Pazuzu Eternal
  5. Hammer of Infidel
  6. Black Blood Vortex
  7. Ancient Ways Prevail
  8. The Exterminati
  9. Scald Command