Charred - Prayers Of Malediction

Charred is a young death/thrash metal band from Florida, US and "Prayers Of Malediction" is their debut full length album after one demo and one split EP.

The opening two tracks of the record, 'Incantation Of The Pyromancer' and 'Disseminating Hatred' will make your neck go berserk with their stomping rhythm, shredding guitar riffs and the malicious voice of Charred's vocalist. I could not find any info on Charred's Metal-Archives page about the members' names so I cannot tell who is who and if they have been in other bands prior to this one.

Anyway, it is obvious that those guys are experienced musicians who know how to write catchy and ferocious metal. Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Massacre as well as some crossover-thrash acts are the main influences of Charred's music. It must be noted that the sound production of "Prayers Of Malediction" is on an excellent level but with a kept raw edge. Every track here is like a nail to the skull. Aggression and instrumental precision are blended in a perfect way.

In case you are into bands that mix death, thrash and black metal with no compromise then Charred is just the thing for you! A band of incredibly talented musicians whose future should be more than bright (or dark if you prefer) in the extreme metal scene.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Incantations Of The Pyromancer
2. Disseminating Hatred
3. The Athame Of The Witchking
4. Entity Of War
5. Killsite
6. Enthralling The Weak
7. Consumed By The Catacombs
8. The Means Of Destruction
9. Kesai Khati (Eater Of The Raw Flesh)

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Dec 6, 2021
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