Church Of Misery - Early Works Compilation

Compilation disc from these Japanese doom metal band who's lyrical concept about serial killers. You can find names connected to ie Manson, Dahmer and Ramirez. Slow tracks with a heavy guitarsound, clean vocals. The songs are compelling and heavy. Remarkable are the 4 cover tracks of which 1 was enough to enter this compilation. If you don't get suicidal after this music let yourself killed by a serial killer.

1. Spahn ranch
2. Road to ruin
3. Reverend
4. War is our destiny (cover Saint Vitus)
5. Room 213
6. Taste the pain
7. Plainfield
8. In a gadda da vida (cover Iron Butterfly)

1. Murder company
2. Son of a gun
3. Where evil dwells
4. Sick of living
5. Come touch the sky (cover Trouble)
6. Accident (cover Black Widow)
7. Chains of death (cover Death SS)
8. Retal
Leaf Hound Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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