Cianide - Unhumanized

This is a pretty brutal EP, not to say that all of their LP's aren't because they are, just this one due to the production as well as access to the equipment that's desirable for the recording, this one is one monumental piece. The riffs are heavy and thick, the tempos slow (for the most part). And the vocals are hoarse. But anyway, getting to the "nitty-gritty" of the EP, you can say that it's a good use of 25+ minutes of your time, for death metal fans, that is. As well as Chicago based metal fans, first and foremost. Each song is roughly 5 minutes in length. Every single one on here just kicks ass.

For those guitarists out there, take note of this one. The songs aren't filled with an overabundance of tremolo picking, but a lot of palm muting and chunky chords. The riffs are pretty catchy and innovative. It's a good progression here, that is from their last LP was out. I believe that was "Gods of Death" way back in 2011. They're a bit aged now, but still doing a good job of making awesome music, brutal as I mentioned. The production quality was probably one of their better ones and the vocals are a little bit lower in pitch. Well thought out EP and unique. This one is tricky to catch on CD.

You can get a listen to this on YouTube for an evaluation first. I think that one thing that mainly drew me in to this particular EP is the fact that it's very catchy. The riffs are unique and intriguing to listen to, their sound is still there, mainly their style. The vocals are a little deeper but still you can tell it's them doing the composing and singing. This is one EP that you cannot get sick of, at least for me. I've heard it countless times and hear something new every time I hear it. Really invigorating death metal. If you find death metal to be invigorating that is to say. Definitely has the anger and aggression in the music.

Support Cianide by getting a physical copy to this CD. It's really worth it. If you wish to stick to YouTube and listen to it on there, fine. But I'm saying to support the music AND the band by getting the CD. I'm a little old school about that but it's for a good cause. It really is, it's to keep the Cianide faith alive. And maybe if there is that undying support from the fans, the band will see it to have more LP's to come out, even though they're veterans at this point. But still, it's an EP that's one of the better ones from all I've heard in 2019. It may take a little time, to get into, but once you keep playing it, you'll keep playing it!


1. Serpent's Wake
2. Unhumanized
3. The Weapon Of Curse
4. Traitors
5. Shadow Of The Claw

Reviewer: Death8699
Apr 3, 2020

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