Coathanger Abortion - Dying Breed

If you´re easily offended by Brutal Death Metal and its lyrical excretions or gore-ridden attitude, Coathanger Abortion will be the wrong choice for you. Anyone else should keep on reading, because you might miss an interesting band.

Formed back in 2001 and emerging from the vaults of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Coathanger Abortion discharges a putrid clump of US Death Metal sickness in the vein of Lividity, Waco Jesus or similar scumbags. Unfortunately I don´t know their previous demo, so I´m unable to write something about the musical evolution. But let´s get back to “Dying Breed” now. With purchasing this well produced item you´ll get nothing else than fucked up and brutal to the core Death Metal with some slight Grindcore influences. The songs on this release are full of technical difficulties as well as gruff straight-forward parts to make sure there are enough diversifications for any receptive listener. The band also added some nice breakdowns to their sound which fit the general impression pretty good. Coathanger Abortions brutality is boosted by relentless tempo changes, nice musical skills and a dark growling microphone abuser. Altogether nothing new or a real groundbreaking innovation, but these American dudes certainly know what their supporters are longing for. Big surprises are scarce, but sometimes the band comes up with pretty unexpected parts like the accoustic outro at the end of the title track or the weird string work at the beginning of “Mall Monster”. No doubt about it: “Dying Breed” demands a few listening sessions, but will easily grab your attention after a while. Not the most outstanding release ever, but fans of US style Death Metal in the vein of the before mentioned bands shouldn´t hesitate to check Coathanger Abortion out. This solid piece of true underground violence shouldn´t drown in the mass of every weeks releases. Give "Dying Breed" a try and judge the band for yourself.

  1. Leaves

  2. Dying Breed

  3. Mall Monster

  4. Slowly Rotting Away

  5. Down The Unknown

  6. The End Result

  7. Feast Of The Dead

  8. The Last One

  9. Such A Savior, Such A Saint

Comatose Music
Reviewer: Alex
May 6, 2010

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