Coathanger Abortion - Observations Of Humanity

From Tennessee Is the band Coathanger Abortion with their new album entitled “Observations Of Humanity”. Now, when it comes to extreme metal, I am not hard to please, and I was really looking forward to checking this band out, as I had never heard them before this album. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed. I am not sure what the band was trying to do here, but I did not like this album what so ever. There were several times during the painful playing of this album, where I almost stopped it, but then I told myself that I need to give the band a chance and listen to the whole thing and try to make sense of it. Well, I did listen to the whole thing but it did not make much sense.

Music wise the riffage seems to be the traditional type for this genre although it seems to be under-produced almost like it was recorded in a garage or something. Also, most of the time the riffs were stop and go, stop and go, stop and go. That got really annoying about halfway through the album. It was almost as if the band was trying a piss poor attempt and trying to incorporate some type of doom vibe to their music but fail miserably. It’s just my opinion but I felt that the riffs were sub-par and played half-assed. The drums were halfway decent but they also needed a lot of work. Through the whole album I found it quite difficult to follow along with anything going on here. To sum it all up, the music sounded strained. In fact it sounded constipated. Constipated worse than a bad case of I.B.S. compounded by a fecal impaction. The one thing that managed to hold my attention and keep me from turning this horrid mess of an album off, was the fact that the vocalist had managed to save this from a total disaster by finding a vocal pattern similar to that which you would find if you combined the vocals from Cannibal Corpse’s “Butchered at Birth” and “Tomb of the Mutilated”. The vocalist was damn good, but it’s just too bad that he didn’t have the right caliber of music to match his vocals. There was just no continuity or fluidity where the music is concerned. It’s not even worth mentioning any vibes or influences because I don’t want to insult any other bands by doing so. Yes, I feel that this album is that bad!

I usually say that I hope that given time, if I don’t like an album that it will grow on me. However, with this one, I don’t have much hope for this happening. Even though I do not like this album at all, the band still has my utmost respect for the work that they did put into this release. I will look forward to any future releases from the band in great anticipation that it will be 10 times better than this release. I can sense that the talent is there, but for some reason the band failed to let it shine through. Come on guys! Put a little more effort into the next album!

  1. Suffering The Weak
  2. Media Mindsnare
  3. Wading Through Existence
  4. Prescription Paradise
  5. Coathanger Abortion
  6. The Possession
  7. Audra Sleeps
  8. Forget The Past
  9. Hypocritical Majority
  10. Detained Indefinitely