Code Of Honour - Visions Of Chaos

Hailing from Hildesheim, Germany, Code Of Honour rose from the ashes of Raksasas and previously launched two self-released demos back in 2005 and 2006. After a short introduction, the band starts to spread their musical vision among the receptive listeners. Code Of Honours style can be described as a heavy and well produced cocktail of Bolt Thrower and Disbelief with a few Metalcore orientated ingredients and lots of double bass drum parts. So far so good, but unfortunately some predictable song structures derogate the good ideas. Occasionally the band reminds me of Heaven Shall Burn, which adds a plus factor to the general impression. But to be honest, Code of Honours music simply needs some more alternations like a few faster parts to open up the mid tempo based tracks. Otherwise the band runs the risk of disappear somewhere in the mid-level of the huge amount of every weeks releases. The vocalist sounds like an angry mixture of a Metalcore shouter and Disbeliefs Karsten Jäger, which is a cool way of spreading a message, but the songs either need some darker growling or a screaming maniac to unfold their penetrating power. With just a few more variations, “Visions Of Chaos” would have been a nice soundtrack to break your bones somewhere in a circle pit, but in this case it doesn´t get beyond.


1. Intro 
2. Doomsday 
3. Visions Of Chaos 
4. Loyal 
5. Ways Of Lust 
6. Choose 


Self released
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 26, 2009

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