Coexistence – Collateral Dimension

Coexistence are an Italian progressive death metal band with an aim to impress with their debut album titled “‘Collateral Dimension”. Along with their space-nature themed artwork, which is glorious to view, the band also have an offering of sci-fi creativity within their songwriting and lyrical aspects of the record.

The nine tracks span across over fifty minutes of musicianship, often crossing a fine line of how much is too much. However the music itself is so in depth, layered beautifully with the progressive genre often hinting at technical death metal proportions whilst also showcasing gorgeous, atmospheric riffs that are central to the music’s core. ‘Eclipse’ balances the band’s approach to the many genres the band are trying to achieve, often forgetting they’re even targeting the metal realm as the music enters a more Pink Floyd prism of interest. But when Coexistence want to sound bitterly heavy, they portray similar directions to their peers in bands such as Beyond Creation and The Faceless, often surpassing boundaries that those bands may not be able to reach. For such a new and fresh band on the horizon, this makes Coexistence exciting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the areas of technicality and prog that they’re able to execute firmly.

Whilst often glitching into the moments of tranquillity, such as ‘Detach From The Abyss’, simply brings out the best of the band instrumentally. Vocally, the album offers the standard raspy death metal growl – unfortunately lacking slightly in variation. Some cleans would have matched the harmonies perfectly, yet for a debut record this is still nothing short of brilliant with plenty of time for the band to grow into their own at their own pace.

Whilst for the masses, “Collateral Dimension” will go sadly unnoticed – clogged with the multiple genres of competition among the world of metal. However sad this may be, those who are lucky enough to stumble across such a gem will be glorified with the outcome and professionalism that Coexistence can match. The album will definitely take a fair few listens to wrap your brain around it, but once you dive deep into it’s complexity, you’ll be able to absorb its talents and reap the benefits completely.

4 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: The Fetus Bin

Dec 16, 2020

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Coexistence – Collateral Dimension

review Coexistence - Collateral Dimension

1. Metaphysical Essence
2. Symbiosis Of Creation
3. Eclipse
4. Detach From The Abyss
5. Perception
6. Collateral Dimension
7. Revert
8. The Nadir Element
9. Floating In The Celestial Wave


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