Coffin Birth - The Miracle Of Death

Coffin Birth was dug up from Eastern Canada and the whole concept behind the band, is to return to their roots, to perform music that originally inspired the band, being King Diamond the biggest influence. Comics like Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Eerie and Creepy are a direct influence to the lyrics and to the graveyard philosophy that is Coffin Birth. The dark humor and imagery from these morbid tales had a certain element of class to them very much like the music and content of the King.

So all this resulted into the debut album "The Miracle Of Death", a nine tracker released in 2007. The songs aren't the fast thrash but more in the mid tempo sector. But the songs have a nice groove with the twin guitars and topped on that there are very nice leads in the songs. Vocals are raw rasping and are a bit more towards black metal but it fits the coffin sound well. Even hearing some keyboards for support.

At the end of the album you get the feeling it sounds familiair and the problem might that you lose attention. The songs aren't bad but there is not so many differences between them and that is a pity as they have the potential to make some good songs. But nevertheless the leads are worth checking out and when you do just listen to the complete songs to get an ida yourself.

As this records is from 2007 it was time to release some new stuff and as things are right they are about to release a new album with 7 songs. Check they websites for updates.

1. All Hallows Mass
2. Arise From Damnation!
3. The Pain Of Being Dead
4. Spiders Of Insomnia
5. Secrets In The Rotten Tree
6. Graveyards Ablaze
7. Fatal Baptism
8. A Crime Of Mere Existence
9. The Miracle Of Death

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Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 19, 2010

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