Coffin Birth - The Serpent Insignia

On their debut release entitled "The Serpent Insignia", Coffin Birth's harvest is 10 songs paying tribute to the old school swedish death metal sound with a fierce rock 'n' roll attitude and supportive production.

Coffin Birth may be a new band, its members though are by no means newcomers in the Italian and Maltese extreme metal scenes. The band started out in 2018 by Giulio Moschini on guitar and Marco Mastrobuono on the bass (both from Hour Of Penance) to evolve to an all-star band with the addition of Frank Calleja of Beheaded on vocals, Francesco Paoli of Fleshgod Apocalypse on guitar and Davide Billia (Hour Of Penance and Beheaded) on drums.

Coffin Birth's riffing is orgasmically fast and thrashy that throughout the songs will progress either to grinding or heavier themes that will slow down the pace. The guitar tone on the album resembles the old Swedish death metal classic sound, bringing to mind at the foremost Entombed, but also Bloodbath and Dismember. I think Giulio and Francesco have extensively used the legendary Boss Heavy Metal (aka HM2) pedal which is significantly responsible for the Swedish death metal sound (tip: all you need is to purchase an HM2 pedal, turn all knobs at maximum volume and jam your new riffs!)

Frank Calleja's vocals are massive and rough. They vary from lower tone grunts and open mouth techniques to grinding parts offering variety and diversity enough to satisfy fans of Cannibal Corpse to fans of Napalm Death!

The drums' tone is heavy and unpolished, which is suitable for the style, with some really good ideas. The bass is solid throughout.

The leads are excellent and performed in a rock oriented style as we've heard before in the Gorefest "Erase" era lead guitars. This increases the technicality of an otherwise not complex album. However, their songwriting is very effective and is sure to raise moshpits in every live show.

The artwork of the album was created by Roberto Toderico who has also worked with bands like Asphyx, Pestilence and Sinister.

In "The Serpent Insignia" you may not listen to something new, but you will definitely listen to very well performed and enjoyably ferocious swedish death metal. Coffin Birth keep it simple, but drastically effective. Take a listen!


1. Throne Of Skulls
2. The 13Th Apostle
3. Godless Wasteland
4. The Red Sky Season
5. Christ Infection Jesus Disease
6. From The Dead To The Dead
7. Casket Ritual
8. Sanguinary
9. The Serpent Insignia
10. Zombie Anarchy