Common Grave - Dehumanized

Twilight has yet to let me down this year!  Its November and its official-Twilight is my favorite label this year!  And to ram this point right up you ass-Here is Common Grave! This German band of psychotic proportions have invaded your home to beat you bare fisted into breathless submission! This record is a ruthless, vindictive, homicidal, fucking beat down!  Dying Fetus is Purification Through Violence, Common Grave is gratification through violence!!!!  Barbaric Death Metal with hardcore breakdowns lunging at you through the every song.  Rapid time changes carrying you through a cresendo of fists, boots and elbows.  Pick this up and see for yourself what it means to be Reborn Through Hate!!!!!!   An opinion I have never added to anyother review.  The song 657, inparticular the harmonic part; drove me well beyond the point of aggressive insanity!  This is so fucking far beyond heavy!  I can not stop listening to this record!  This album is so fucking heavy I am demanding that either Slayer or Exodus take these guys on the fucking road to reduce Earth to fucking ashes!!!!!!

1. Final Descent (Intro)
2. Lethal Faith
3. Sick On Speed
4. 657
5. Necroide
6. Reborn Through Hate
7. Matter Of Opinion
8. Carnivore
9. Instinct
10. P.G.
Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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