Concrete - Ethereal Atrocities

One cannot talk about Bulgarian death metal scene and not to mention the name of Concrete. These Cannibal Corpse-worshipping death metal psychos started the band in 2011 and "Ethereal Atrocities" is their fourth full-length album, released by the German RTM Productions. What you'll find here are nine tracks of pure old school death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Suffocation and such. Kalin Kolev (guitars/vocals), Peter Dimitrov (guitars), Zhivko Stoyanov (bass) and Pavlin Nikolov (drums) will make your ears bleed and your neck hurt with their precise playing and brutal sound.

The opening track 'Thinning The Veil' sets the tone for everything that "Ethereal Atrocities" contain: technical drumming and blast beats, shredding guitar riffs and the deep growls of Kalin. This album is relentless from start to finish. Tracks like 'Crowning The Grotesque', 'Omnivorous Eradication' and 'Symbiotic Hatred' are like a sonic kick in the head, they are brutal, dark and aggressive.

One good point for "Ethereal Atrocities" is that the tracks offer variety, it is not just an endless cycle of brutality and uber-technical wankery. Concrete know how to write good and memorable death metal songs and this is exactly what you will hear in their new album. The sound production is on a very good level, not too polished but every instrument may be heard clearly.

If you consider yourself a death metal fan and old Cannibal Corpse is your cup of blood then Concrete is a band that you should look out for. Those Bulgarian guys deserve support and hopefully the future for them includes an European tour because more people deserve to witness them live (I have seen them several times so I know what I am talking about). Concrete deliver high-quality death metal and this album is worth the time of every extreme metal fan.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Thinning The Veil 03:54
2. In Darkness They Exist
3. Crowning The Grotesque
4. Omnivorous Eradication
5. Into Lifeless Slumber
6. Thorns In Utopia
7. Symbiotic Hatred
8. The Strain-Ridden Kind
9. Cinder Deity