Confessor A.D. – Too Late To Pray

As far as I know this French band is a three piece and hits us with a debut EP that has a primitiveness that is matched by the album art work that has a medieval flavour to it. My reference to primitive should not be equated to being poor it should be matched to being grisly, dark and nasty with a crudeness that sees the opening track 'Deafening Confession' start with a proto death metal riff style I was listening to back in the mid-80s. The sound afforded is crisp but raw and enables the instrumentation to be given prominence especially the drums which have a clamouring sound which I like as they have good definition with an organic feel especially when the double bass rolls in and sounds genuine and not processed.

'Haunting Enemies' has a doom like start with an eerie hook to it before the track shifts focus in speed as the vocals have a clarity to them, with an enunciation of the lyrics that is decipherable but guttural. The riff is catchy and in some respects there is a dense thrash undercurrent to the tune underpinned by the rhythm of the song. That thrash like posture is present in 'Silent War' but don’t misinterpret me, the songs are death metal as the tune gathers momentum and as you focus on each instrument you hear the bass work busily engineering the foundations of every song rumbling along like freight train. The switching of tempo is something the band does very well as the riff break is superb and has a slight ghoulish aura to it, creepy even.

Closing the EP is 'Endless Night' which returns to death metal and speeds along but like before that proto death metal is apparent and the thrash tendencies are evident which the band may disagree with as yet another awesome riff break intercedes and pushes the speed upwards. This is a killer debut EP with a true retro appeal for those craving a genuine sound from yesteryear with a no frills approach and if you choose to check it out you will not be disappointed as I for one will look forward to the bands next release.

  1. Deafening Confession
  2. Haunting Enemies
  3. Hipster Killer
  4. Silent War
  5. Endless Night