Confusion Gods - At The Gates Of Confusion

Confusion Gods is a band from Italy and they started in 1997 as a black metal band. After gigs and rehearsels they recorded their first demo "Darkened" in 2006 and released it by themselves. And now after some line up changes the band recorded again a demo called "At The Gates Of Confusion". The band i snot playing black metal anymore like in the beginning but they dig in the scene and get influences from all around. So nowadays you hear grind, death and thrash elements in their tunes. Songs that are melodic, at least they try to be versatile in the song structures. And that way they succeed as the songs are fast and then slowing down and even doing a little acoustic intermezzo. Vocals are also vary but have that black metal rasp but what I miss are the thrashy guitar leads. There are 2 guitarists in the band so they should be able to shred like hell. In the end its a nice demo to hear and they still show progress.

1. At The Gates Of Confusion
2. Ghost
3. Dead Flesh
4. Towers Of Repugnance
5. Hell In The Cell
6. Fucking Spiritual Priest
Necrotorture Agency
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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