Conjureth - Majestic Dissolve

"Majestic Dissolve" is the debut album of these (unfortunately unknown to me) Conjureth, a Californian band that will entrust its work to the increasingly attentive Memento Mori, a label specialized in this type of sound. The band was born in 2018 by releasing two demos (which will then be resumed on vinyl) released in the course of the past year; "Foul Formations" and "The Levitation Manifest".

The band focuses on classic old school death metal, drawing inspiration from both the American and European scene. The dominant factor, however, is to refer to the precursors of the genre. Here we find ourselves catapulted into that period of time that goes from the late 80s to the early 90s, perhaps the period of greatest exposure of death metal before its decline at the expense of other sounds.

Conjureth pour in just 38 minutes everything that needs to be said (or rather, listened to) about death metal. Blastbeats, heavy riffs and low tones. However, this does not in fact remove the possibility of including melodic phrases that give greater fluidity to the whole work.

Stunning album from every point of view from the opening 'Wet Flesh Vortex' to the final 'An Occult Mosaic And The Unworshipped', which I personally consider as the best. Finally a death metal album that sounds death metal! There isn't much to say. You will love this album.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Wet Flesh Vortex
2. Possession Psychosis
3. Resintegrate
4. A Terror Sacrifice
5. Mutilated Spirits
6. Black Fire Confessions
7. The Silent Hangings
8. Sorcery Arts
9. An Occult Mosaic
10. The Unworshipped