Conquest Icon – Empire Of The Worm

“Empire Of The Worm” is the second album from Polish death metallers Conquest Icon. What started off as a studio project has now become a full 5 piece band and this is the first release with new vocalist Ronve formally of Purifier and Ebola.

How do I describe Conquest Icon? Right, think of Incantation or Immolation not song structure wise but the dark atmosphere the bands conjure up, especially Incantation in terms of rawness. Ok? Right, now think Incantation covering Bolt Thrower. Yeah, that’s right!

Do you really need to know anymore?

Ok, opening track ‘Vermin’ as nasty as it is actually has a bit of melody in the riffs and it actually reminded me a little of Malevolent Creation. ‘Unholy Death Metal’ if ever there was a perfect summing up of a bands aim and sound in a song title there it but this track is tremendous. The riffs stick out and will make you headbang so hard you’ll spill your beer. The title track has this lovely dirty bass intro taking you into the track. The riffs on the closing track ‘Here And Beyond’ are just delicious! Bringing to mind Immolation or Deicide.

Summing up, you simply can’t go wrong with this album. It combines both the intensity of Floridian death metal with the cold bleakness of European. It’s a perfect blend of all your favourite death metal elements played with passion.
This is one of the surprises of the year and deserves a place on everyone’s album of the year lists.

4 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Joe Denby

Sep 24, 2020

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Conquest Icon – Empire Of The Worm

review Conquest Icon – Empire Of The Worm

1. Vermin
2. Sacrificial Circle
3. Deathlike Shadows Rising
4. Unholy Death Metal
5. Empire Of The Worm
6. Toward Darkness
7. Behold The Flames Of Hell
8. Pilgrim Of Doom
9. Crown The Beast
10. Here And Beyond


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