Consumer - Consumer

Consumer were formed in Catania, Sicily in 2018. The Italians (with the Norwegian female guitar player) debuted in discography with the digital single "Solicitous" in 2019. The sole track of this single is also included in their brand new "Consumer" EP. The EP is released in digisleeve CD format.

"Consumer" EP is actually a co-release of 5 labels (Fresh Outbreak Records, Mothership Records, Impeto Records, Boned Factory and Nut Records). It was recorded and mixed in September 2019 at Morning View Studio in Catania, but was released only in April 2020.

All 3 tracks of the EP are over 7 minutes long and the whole EP is something less than 25 minutes long.

'Pray/Void' starts off with a dominant heavy/doom riff underlined by the distorted bass. Soon the noise overtones reveal the song's sludge origins. The drums' clever intonations color and shape the next riff. The following death 'n' roll riff reminded me of Entombed's later period. The vocals are low-end and guttural. Nevertheless, Autopsy worship high-pitched screams are used to increase the madness of the song driving it deeper into the death metal extremity. At the middle of the song, the bass takes the leading role introducing the second part which appears to be doomier and more desperate. The fast breaks that are used in the song, make the doom themes that follow them to sound even more punishing.

The second song 'Witchslayer' begins fast. The almost death metal vocals are enriched with black metal screams. The sludge/doom attitude awaits in the next corner to drag you down the swamp. Gurgling guttural vocals offer an old school death metal feeling. The doom parts of the song are again of unmatched heaviness. In general, Consumer are very well metronomed and tight as a band.

Last song of the EP is 'Solicitous' which was previously released as a digital single. The grandiose opening riff brings back to mind some of the old death metal frenzy and some really good memories of the golden era of death metal. Sludge/doom soon takes control again, but always remains in balance with the nice death 'n' roll guitar riffs.

Bottom line is that Consumer did a really nice job in their debut EP. The Italian band managed to come up with a personal sludge/doom/death metal style by making the right use of their influences and forming an "own" sound. They present their music with a nice quality and their performance and songwriting are very nice. The fact they are a power trio makes them even more tight and increases the role of my beloved bass in the band! So, thumbs up and looking forward for a full length!

4 / 5 STARS


1. Pray//Void
2. Witchslayer
3. Solicitous