Coprocephalic - The Oath Of Relinquishment

Slamming brutal death metal mixed with deathcore. This is exactly what you'll get from the second abum "The Oath of Relinquishment" from the international act Coprocephalic (I wonder if this means a head full of shit). They are a trio (Hsuan Liu - drums,Christiani Peluso - guitars and the Gorepot vocalist Larry Wang) separated between San Diego,California and Taipei City,Taiwan.

In fortyfive minutes,your ears will be beaten to a bloody pulp by the sonic outburst that is Coprocephalic's music. Expect heavy as a ton of bricks guitar riffs,drumming that constantly changes the pace between slow and grinding and,of course,lots of gurgling noises from the throat of Larry Wang. Speaking of vocalists,there are three guest appearances on "The Oath of Relinquishment" - Matti Way from Pathology/Abominable Putridity,Angel Ochoa from Cephalotripsy/Disgorge and Blue Jensen from Guttural Secrete. It's useless to say that it is a very difficult task for the listener to point out who's who,especially on the closing track "(Proto)Christ" where all of them are showing the abilities of their throats. Surprisingly there are lyrics on this record since not a single word can be heard from all the grunting and squealing. Unfortunately music is where this album is starting to lose points. Liu and Peluso are experienced musicians but all the riffs sound so repetitive that it becomes boring after several minutes. There are some interesting moments like the use of some melodic elements amidst the wall of slamming guitars. But as a whole Coprocephalic do not possess this special thing that makes Devouerment stand out among the rest of the ultra brutal death metal bands. Every track sounds like the one before it and it isn't easy to figure out some memorable moments. This album is focused mainly on brutality. In case you are familiar with Coprocephalic's debut "Gluttonous Chunks" from 2013 and slamming brutal death metal is your thing,then give this record a spin. For me personally there is much more interesting stuff out there...

1. The Oath of Relinquishment
2. Desolation of Conjoined Embodiment
3. Craving of the Exotic Spores 
4. Synthetic Aberration
5. Throne of Ooze
6. Oracles from the Netherrealm
7. Ere...the Sentinels
8. Tentacles of the Abyss
9. Oxidize the Mind
10. Retunding Our Humanity
11. Galerians (Interlude)
12. (Proto)Christ