Coram Lethe – A Splendid Chaos

Female fronted melodic/technical death metal from Italy. This album creates an interesting atmosphere with unexpected twists, ups and downs, melodic yet leaning very much towards the technical with hints of a progressive nature. The strong and brutal female vocalist is very much reminicent of the sounds of Angela Gassow. This album is tight and presents strong musicianship. I would say it is an enjoyable listen but can be abit gerneric in spots. Personally I would say “A Splendid Chaos” is great if you listen to a few tracks here and there but it can loose it’s listener’s attention if one is to listen to the whole album straight through. I give this one on an overall rating a 3/5.

Punishment 18 Records
Reviewer: Kindra Ravenmoon

Jun 25, 2009

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Coram Lethe – A Splendid Chaos


1. Splendid Chaos
2. Condamned to Darkness
3. The Gift of Providence
4. Mystical Pentagram
5. Half Identity
6. Ancient Reflections
7. Circles and Crosses
8. Passione Della Carne
9. XI Commandment
10. Textures of Delight


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