Corpse Eater - The Stench Of Mutilated Corpses

First full length album for Corpse Eater from Germany. For those not familiar with the name, Corpse Eater is a one man band and exist since 2014. Nine EPs, one demo and a handful of split CDs in their possession so far… About time they released their full length no?

The play button is pushed and what you come upon is nasty doses of utterly ugly and savage goregrind. No intros, no samples and nothing to sweeten the pill. Furious-menacing drums under basic goregrind chords… a bulldozer toned bass guitar above everything and growling vocals covering the extent of each song, spitting lyrics about necrophilia, sexual abuse and perversion and all sorts of disgusting deeds you can get your head around! So far so good...

“The Stench Of Mutilated Corpses” consists of 38 songs and lasts 15 minutes. You see where I’m going with this right? Each song lasts about 20-30 secs. After the first 2 minutes though, the main flaw of the album gets obvious. The drums and the vocals man. Almost the same fill and roll is used in every song with some alterations of course but after a while it looks like the drums are under the same beat in each song. Kind of gives the impression that it is all one song broken into parts.

With such sort length in the songs I am sure that if the beats in the drums where chosen more carefully, the songs would have more character and not give the impression of a continuous battering so much. The vocals kind of fall under the same rule. Same flow almost in every song amplifying the problem. 38 songs, the vast majority of them under the same tempo and what we mentioned above hover in the air during the hearing process.

The die-hard goregrind fans I am sure will find elements they like in it and trust me there are chords and riffs that really have what it takes to put together a great album. It is just that (my guess is), he need to work on the tracks having a better flow. Making them a bit different from each other. Changes in tempo or even changing the placement in the CD help a lot.

Think it can’t happen in such an extreme genre? Check Dead Infection and Lymphatic Phlegm or even Mortician (mostly for the song lengths. In the pluses of “The Stench Of Mutilated Corpses” is definitely the bass and guitar tone and the loud and septic (as it should be) production. Great mix and mastering always following the protocol of the genre. The fans of goregrind should definitely check. The rest can give it a shot. See how much of it they can take!

2 / 5 STARS

1. You're Fuckin' Decomposed
2. Patchwhore Giving Head
3. After Plastic Surgery (Face Like An Airplane Crash)
4. Submissive Throat
5. No Tough Doll Goregrind
6. Trapped Into The Depths Of Your Mutilated Asshole
7. Slasher Mania
8. Open Grave Ritual
9. Radioactive Fuck
10. Rip You A New Asshole
11. Black Coffee Breath
12. Gutter Existence
13. Plastic Food Regurgitation
14. Rotten Pipe
15. Brutally Slaughtered
16. Face Of The Killer
17. Damaged Brain Syndrome
18. Bloodshed In Hell
19. Last Breath Before You Die
20. Smash It In Your Fuckin Face
21. Choking From Black Vomit
22. Stalker
23. Death Fetish
24. Little Dicks In Uniforms
25. Brainwashed USA
26. Sewage Filth
27. Thrashing Holocaust
28. Never Choke On Your Own Shit
29. Slowly Rot Away
30. When A Cum Sock Starts To Reek Of Shit
31. Bringer Of Doom
32. Left Your Brain In The Shitter
33. Fat Pigs For Slaughter (Pt. 2)
34. Rotting In The Dead World
35. Too Fuckin' Old To Die Young
36. Slashing Corpses During A Pandemic
37. Dick Stuck In Deformed Cunt
38. Last Corpse Standing

Self released
Reviewer: andychristos
Dec 21, 2021

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