Corpus Diavolis - Revolucia

Corpus Diavolis have debuted their first album with Revolucia. From its title one would think to expect intelligently created black metal. However, after listening through, one may sadly be disappointed to hear that it is alll about Satan. The lyrics and samples all embrace the idea of worshipping evil, people screaming in terror such as on "Lilith," and just basically enforcing the stereotypical outlook on black metal. Musically, the sound is raw and violent, with that lo-fi production that madeĀ  bands such as Sargeist and Immortal so enigmatic to listen to. However, years later, it's a style that has long burned out.

The guitars are actually simply melodic with their riffing when it comes to tracks such as "Anteros Antigod" or "The Year Is One." So the band has rhythm and don't just play aimlessly. The drums are a pure assault and battery that focus on blast beats, which is again typical of black metal. Top it off with the donning of corpsepaint and Corpus Diavolis is more than ready to show their allegiance to Satan. "Revolucia" is by far the most aggressive and raw track on the album, partially because of its speed. The vocals are dark and match the evil tone of the music; they aren't high pitched along the lines of Cradle of Filth but fit more in the Sargesit/ Marduk category of ranges. Still, it is nothing new to the masses.

For those who are still down and headbanging with the raw, aggressive power of black metal that embraces the Satanic concepts of the 90s while staying traditional, then this will be more than appeasing. Compared to most run-of-the-mill black metal bands, Corpus stay one step ahead of the game by adding their disturbing samples to make the 'evil' sound more defined. Unfortunately, the style of the samples are not that engaging. Hearing priests or men chant about Satan, women screaming it isn't true, and then entire towns people falling to the influence of darkness isn't anything that hasn't been seen before. However, this is still worth looking into for most black metal fans in general, especially those who want to hear something similar to the legendary Funeral Mist; just a bit watered down.

  1. Anteros Antigod
  2. Lilith
  3. Daemonic Blank Scepter
  4. The Year Is One
  5. Horns Of The Black Goat
  6. Revolucia
  7. Sveti Razvrat
  8. Nightsky Orgia

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 4, 2010

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