Cradle of Filth - Thornography

I think (after a few listens) to the entire album I'd have to conclude that this in my opinion is the best Cradle Of Filth release ever! It's filled with catchy thrash metal like riffs as well as melodic pieces. Dani's vocals aren't as high-end as previous releases (eg. 'Dusk.. And Her Embrace' [1996]) they are a mixture of low-end spoken lyrics with a few high-pitched screams but as I mentioned much less than previous efforts.

If you are into thrash metal then this release is for you! Pretty much every track is thrash-based which I don't mind because it's really something that they really haven't done ever! I'm used to the gothic/black metal sort of music mixtures to these songs but they are not here whatsoever! Not to say that I disliked this release because of that. I'd say 'Thornography' is a mix of thrash, melodic death, black metal but thrash metal takes the most end here.

I really do like all of the tracks on this release. Take your pick at the tracklisting below and check out one of the tracks yourself and see what kind of conclusion you come up with! You'll have to have LimeWire for it sorry that I don't have tracks for you to listen to here otherwise I'd let you hear some.

Besides the thrash metal guitar riffs the drums are just pulsating constantly not as many blast-beats but a lot of double bass flares and time signature changes. Also there are some clean guitar work on here very brief but still cool. Some guest vocalists as well here.

If you liked 'Dusk.. And Her Embrace' then I think you'll really like 'Thornology'. It's quite of a diverse release by COF I have nothing but good things to say about it!

1. Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive Like Miss Leviathan
2. Dirge Inferno
3. Tonight In Flames
4. Libertina Grimm
5. The Byronic Man
6. I Am The Thorn
7. Cemetery And Sundown
8. Lovesick For Mina
9. The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking
10. Rise Of The Pentagram
11. Under Huntress Moon
12. Temptation

Roadrunner Records
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 8, 2010

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