Crawling Chaos – Repellant Gastronomy

Crawling Chaos hail from Italy and deliver an epic sound on "Repellant Gastronomy", released in November 2013. As with all death metal albums, this one comes complete with growing vocals and speedy guitars and drums.

This album was produced by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios) and was released on Memorial Records. The production is true, with each instrument complimenting instead of drowning out the other. The vocals are at just the right dimension to add the final touch to each song.

What makes this one stand out is the sheer harmony on the album. Yes, harmony on a death metal album. Who would of thunk it? The instruments meld together well, with haunting rhythm guitar in the background. It’s not the first time there is distinct rhythm on a death metal album (The band Death comes to mind) and surely this won’t be the last. The album begins with a phenomenal stringed intro that melds into the sound of either babbling water or something traveling over gravel. Then the strings pick up in a dramatic fashion, climaxing, until finally… boom.

Then the real fun starts.

The intro on ‘Plate XII’ is great with the water, which makes sense, since 'Plate XII' has something to do with protection from the dangers of water in ‘The Key Of Solomon.’ Great thought went into this song, which makes it even better. If you are one of those metal heads that likes to sit back and listen to an album (or CD) and read up on inspiration behind songs, this album will please.

‘Closing The Gates’ begins with unintelligible speaking until the gentleman says ‘evil spirits.’ This is a strong song, with breaks in all the right places… it’s fast, faster, it stops, it’s faster still. Definitely one of those songs the listener can get lost in while headbanging or moshing.

This whole album is definitely one of the better death metal albums I have heard in a while. There are some parts with synthesizers, which make death metal fans cringe with fear, but it’s so well put together, it just melds into the song making it come out stronger at the end.

If you dig death metal and are open to trying new listening experiences, get this album.

  1. Rue D'auseil
  2. Blind Fiends Of Ancient Evil
  3. From The Unsafe Shrine Cometh The Abyss
  4. Plate XII
  5. Encephalitic Cyst
  6. Let The Vultures Sing Our Deeds
  7. Closing The Gates
  8. Premature Burial
  9. Visceral Breeding Army
  10. Promised Unheaven
  11. The Sleep Of Inanna
  12. Manifest Of Chaos
  13. Glory To My Enemy