Creeping Flesh - Into The Meat Grinder

Finally, here is the debut of Creeping Flesh named “Into The Meat Grinder”, an authentic old school death metal album with modern war theme, such as Hail Of Bullets or Bolt Thrower, for example. Formed in 2013 in Göteborg, Sweden, they have already released some demos and EPs, even a compilation. The style of this band is old school death metal in the Swedish style, perhaps some approach to some band like Obituary, or Asphyx, within the old school. The difficult thing is not to approach any referent, so here they are.

From the beginning of the album with 'Tank Corps Unleashed', we know that a whole division of tanks will pass over us and will destroy us based on heavy and forceful riffs. A great deep and aggressive voice shows the way, some slower and dense parts also to find.

'Black Twisted Limbs', starts with slower rhythms, like a suffering, and continue with a crunchy riff while a melody, in the middle faster and heavier.

'Stench Of Guts', nice tittle, in the vein of Bolt Thrower, epic melody and double bass drumming at same rhythm of guitars, heavy riffing.

'Zaamurets' in the line of what was heard previously, you already have a broken neck, good melody. 'Where Men Are Made And Undone', the march to battle begins, great melody giving a touch of melancholy and despair. 'Shtrafbat', in the same line with some change at more speed, and adding the melodic parts to the time. 'Meat Grinder', we will give a heavier touch and continue with speed and brutality, a decadent melody to immerse you in the war.

'Panzerfaust Sacrifice' bass line starts, following riffs and bass drumming, a riff in the vein of Bolt Thrower, powerful chorus. 'Bones Of The Conquered', we continue with the battle, is someone still alive ? This band perfectly fits double drum riffs, rhythmically they are very good, good sad melody in the middle, similar to old Purtenance. 'Beneath Freezing Waves' to end a slower theme, the decay and destruction of war are present here. In the middle a rhythmic riff, some similar way to the first doom death metal bands.

To summarize, it must be said that we are facing a mature band that knows how to make good death metal, very good vocalist, good production. Heavy and aggressive, the old school death metal way, great work.


1. Tank Corps Unleashed
2. Black Twisted Limbs
3. Stench Of Guts
4. Zaamurets
5. Where Men Are Made And Undone
6. Shtrafbat
7. Meat Grinder
8. Panzerfaust Sacrifice
9. Bones Of The Conquered
10. Beneath Freezing Waves