Crimson Falls - The True Face Of Human Nature

Crimson Falls is a young Belgian bands that fushes metalcore with death metal. Before this album they released the EP "Ruins 2K5" in 2005. I don't know this EP but this full length hammers around with 12 tracks. The vocalist has a diverse throat and beside the grunting he is also high screams. Tempo is on the fast edge with a bass drummer on the loose. Guitars are just plain riffing and all together they play songs with enormous variations in breaks so the songs go start and stop constantly. Conclusion is that this debut is a slam in your face and good for your daily portion on aggressiveness!

1. Abort Every Weakness
2. Erase All Fear
3. Architecture Disavowed
4. Controle Alt Delete
5. Prelude To The Catalysm
6. Four Slaves, Four Struggles
7. Martyr vs. Terrorist
8. Poetry For The Scum
9. In Flanders Fields
10. We Are The Dead
11. Book Of Memories
12. The True Face Of Human Nature
Shiver Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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