Crocell - Come Forth Plague

Although "Come Forth Plague" is their third album I must admit that I have never heard of the Danish death metal crew Crocell before. In their line-up they have Kevin Holst on guitar who is also the guitarist of the well known Illdisposed. This album also marks the first Crocell's recording with the new vocalist Asbjorn Steffensen who replaced the original frontman Magnus Jorgensen (x- Panzerchrist)

"Come Forth Plague" offers a tasty mix of Scandinavian death/black metal with all the typical characteristics of the genre. Asbjorn's vocals remind me of the growls of Raven - the frontman of the Polish extremists Hell-Born. In my opinion deeper growls would suit Crocell's music better but it's a matter of taste. In terms of music Crocell deliver fast spiteful tracks like "The Dark I Will Inhale","Servants of Light" or "Trembling Realms". There are also slow pieces of music like "Seven Thrones" which has obvious Immortal influence and "Teachings of Terror" with its Morbid Angel-like guitar riffs. "My Path of Heresy" is something in the middle - it starts with acoustic string melody and after a while grows into an epic viking tune carrying the mark of Amon Amarth. On this track we can hear Asbjorn's attempts to sound like Abbath from Immortal. The production of "Come Forth Plague" is on a good level,all instruments are audible and it's obvious that the Crocell guys are experienced musicians.

Don't expect anything new or unheard of on this CD. This is decent Scandinavian death/black metal that should be appreciated by the fans of the genre. In case you are one of them - give this album a try!

1. Perfidious Ceremony
2. The dark I Will Inhale
3. Trembling Realms
4. Teachings Of Terros,Doctrines Of Death
5. My Path Of Heresy
6. Seven Thrones
7. Servants Of Light
8. Scars Of Red
9. Come Forth Plague

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Aug 27, 2013
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