Crocell - Prophet’s Breath

This is the fourth album from Crocell, a melodic death metal group (a really misleading label I have to say!) from Denmark, musically that tag is far more expansive based on this recent effort. There’s some black metal influences (mainly due to the speed picking and rhythmic nature of some of the chord progressions), especially in the title track 'Prophet’s Breath' from which I turn to the more melodic side of both Immortal and even Dissection. The latter also figures later on during the album, but for the fresh meat to this banquet, I would suggest a stint with Behemoth and Rotting Christ’s material may serve you well as a starter. The level of intensity is rather up front here, the balance of speed, power and even emotion all figure hand in hand resulting in a regular wave of music that tickles all the extreme metal fans desires. The arrangements are death metal personified with a balance of acoustic, aggressive and even the instrumental sections making their respective mark on your mind.

I wouldn’t suggest there is one or two stand out tracks, the whole album pretty much has an air of consistency and power behind it, and I still mind little sections of music different for each spin I endure with pleasure. Crocell, irrespective of their past material, have "Prophet’s Breath" well and truly at your mercy as a listener, a great piece of work that has a great production and energy to match some of the bigger players in this extreme death metal field.

  1. Tyrant Of Iron 
  2. Cross To Your Grave  
  3. Wolves 
  4. Prophet's Breath 
  5. Dead Man's Poem  (Instrumental) 
  6. Kingdom Of Corruption 
  7. Contagious Purity  
  8. Usurper 
  9. Temple Of Grandeur

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 3, 2016

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