Crocell - Relics

Here is Crocell’s fifth album, “Relics” and will be released via LongLife Records. Formed in Aarhus, Denmark in 2007, its style is a black/death metal of great level, reminding from Dissection, At The Gates to Dark Funeral, Emperor and with influences of the melodic death metal era of the 90s, and with some epic dark sound too.

'Black Death Redemption' is a great opening for this intense album, killer riffs and blast drumming followed by melodic parts even melancholic some times. The line in all tracks is intense death metal with a black touch, blasting drums, hard, poisoned and melodic riffs, and of course a full of wrath voice. They get the perfect ambient with their compositions, without keyboard. Maybe people think that is a black metal band but not, is a death metal band, but they get more black fury than a lot of black metal bands. The previous works are more death than this one, that has more black ways.

'Last Dawn Duet' is a rest in the way, a slow track but without lost the spirit of this album. Some melodic parts like the beginning of 'Mammon Rise', or in the middle of some tracks and in general like a cloud of passion over all. And to finish an instrumental 'World At Its End', tittle says all, very good end for this great work.

Production is very good, all sound perfectly, not fallen parts in any song. The artwork is also good, simple and black and white, but effective. An album for the top list since now.

  1. Black Death Redemption
  2. Once Called Slaves
  3. Conqueror's Tyranny
  4. Tombworld
  5. Plague Altar
  6. Last Dawn Duet
  7. Mammon Rise
  8. Liar's Labyrinth
  9. World At Its End

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 4, 2018

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