Crowpath - Son Of Sulpher

Crowpath (Sweden) is fireing a new album upon us. After their previous work (Red On Chrome) the new album is focused on fire. The nice albumcover together with the titletracks are setting fire which isn't easily extinguished. The songs are a blend of different metal styles and is on the edge of nervous twisting patterns. Insane shouting vocals over fast songs that have guiitarriffs that wriggle and irritate your senses. Fast songs and with slower parts like the heavy doomish song "The Lycanthrope". Everything stick together well and you get the impression that they are freaking controllable through the 34 minutes. If you can stand this album you are a tough guy!

1. Candles And Kerosene
2. The Will To Burn
3. Chased, Caught And Charged
4. Pigeonsmasher
5. Children Of Boredom
6. Self Destructive Pessimist
7. Seed Of Arson
8. Picked Clean
9. The Lycanthrope
10. Scab Coated Attraction
11. Lights Out, Left For Dead
12. End In Water
Earache Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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