Crucifyre - Black Magic Fire

From Stockholm, Sweden is the band Crucifyre, and what a monster their new album entitled, “Black Magic Fire” is. It’s a bit odd sounding in parts, but as a whole, this album pushes boundaries and breaks rules all the way around. It will definitely leave you with a new, or at least, renewed appreciation for Swedish death metal. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Crucifyre adds twists and turns but leaves enough nostalgia with the end result being an underground metal masterpiece.

What is really unique about the guitar work on this album is that they add other elements to go along with the traditional Swedish sound pioneered by bands like Entombed and Dismember. You always have bands that try to mimic the Swedish sound but very few bands that I have heard have done what this band does. They seem to incorporate the sound and style that a lot of US bands have. Imagine if you will either one of the above mentioned bands attempting to play material by the great Rigor Mortis or Possessed while throwing in slight elements of bands such as Monstrosity and newer era Deicide. The solos on this album are totally classic yet spew forth some of the most raw and agonistic vibes I have ever heard on a death metal album. They aren’t all that intricate either, but you can really tell the talent is there. This is a great approach for the presentation of the material on this cd and in a lot of the tunes you can even hear a great deal of a Venom vibe happening but mostly this is in the vocal approach.

I really like the drum work on this album. The overall production of this album is really great, but the drums have that thick “bulk” to them reminiscent of tanks roaring into battle. I mean the level here is absolutely great. It’s not overbearing but yet it seems to blend with and carry the message of total metal dominance to whoever is listening. This is only the bands 2nd full-length release and they also have a demo and an EP as well. They really knock this one out of the park with the incorporation of multiple style playing and the excellent production. Even though they are a death metal band, to some they might even have that primitive “black metal” edge to them which would not be ridiculous to think. All the bases are covered here. From the musical brutality all the way to the blasphemous vomited vocals, you just cannot go wrong with this CD. Once more, a band have motivated me to search out their back catalogue in order to see how they have progressed throughout their career. And, if this album is any indication to what their back catalogue is like, then their caliber of artillery will be complete and devastating and enough to garner them victory in any battle.

  1. Apocalypse Whore
  2. Black Magic Fire
  3. Pentagram Palms
  4. Baphomet's Revenge
  5. Funeral Pyre
  6. Faces of Death (His Satanic Shadow)
  7. Through the Darkness
  8. Anneliese (Wolf's Hour)
  9. Wolf's Hour
  10. One and One Is One