Crushing Caspars - The Fire Still Burns

Crushing Caspars is a band from Germany and started in 1995. The first direction the band goes is in the vein of Agnostic Front and Suicidal Tendencies. Their 5 track debut was released in 1996 and here in 2007 they release their 2nd full length. On this album you find 15 tracks that breath positivity in a mixture of hardcore and punk. The album was recorded together with Jacob Bredahl and gave the album a fresh and full sound. The album begins with the title track and that is a real uptempo smasher. The next songs also uptempo with mid tempo parts. "Diabolic Boogie" is build around Pantera's "Walk" but is it an ode or desecration? The songs beam happiness and on stage they can create a feeling of moshing and diving after some beers. And the band succeeded half on this record to get that hardcore feeling as it sounds to polished and smooth. Crushing Caspars is a band you need to see on stage, drink some beers, clear your head and dive in the pit.

1. The Fire Still Burns
2. Life Is A Streetfight
3. Join The Caspars Army
4. Diabolic Boogie
5. Eye For An Eye
6. Stop The Madness
7. Viva La Rostock
8. Respectless
9. I Believe
10. Dedication To The Scene
11. Don't Stalk Me
12. That's Life
13. Not Important To Me
14. Something Special
15. Baltic Sea For Life
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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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