Crushing Jackhammer - Time To Thrash

Old school thrash with a drum machine. Yes it exists and can be heard on the first demo of Crushing Jackhammer.

Crushing Jackhammer is a young band, started in June 2007 by Jackhammer (guitars) and Crushing (vocals). So you know where the bandname is taken from...
On this demo you get an intro and 6 thrash tracks. Fast riffing with leads and that is obligatory when you play fucking thrash metal. Lyrics are throat rasping and telling the cliche thrash topics.

This demo is a nice start for this thrash band and I am glad that they found a real drummer so they can work on new songs. Crushing Jackhammer is keeping the thrash vibe alive and you can support them by visiting their site and contact them. Do it!

1. Jackhammers Thrash Anthem
2. Thrashing Genocide
3. Night Of The Beast
4. Time To Thrash
5. Feed The Rage
6. Thrash The Posers
7. Satanic Lust
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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