Crustacean - Greed, Tyranny & Sodomy

'Greed, Tyranny, & Sodomy' is Crustacean's first album in eight years. Lately it seems they've leaned more towards the thrash side of music rather than their usual death-thrash they've performed in the past, but one can still hear traces of death metal in the guitar structure on tracks like "Spawn From Lies." However, mostly fans will be entertained by the old school thrash style of bands like Artillery, Accept, and even Slayer with catchy, fast hitting riffs and pummeling drums on tracks such as "Sadist Internation" and "Destructive Attitude." The vocals are very well produced in the usual spitfire verbal assault as they bellow along the music; no rough snarls or screams here. Just straightforward clean barking that sounds like speed rap meets Tomy Arya of Slayer's earlier vocal work.

Some tracks a bit slower than others, going more for the foreboding, luring introduction rather than just jumping right to the point of purely aggressive music. "Contaminated Blood" is one of those tracks that starts off nice and easy and then develops into a thick, chugging format that is very repetitive, but also extremely anthem-like and will probably become a listener favorite only after the first try. Other tracks like "The Fallacy You Call Faith" sound completely experimental as it REALLLY slows down for just long, winded chords and almost a doom metal formula. Even with the other guitars in the background plugging away at a medium speed, listener attention is mostly focused on the lengtheir chords which tend to stick in the mind for a while. Once they disappear, the thrash atmosphere returns, but even then it just feels a lot slower than usual and more accessible and rock oriented rather than gritty and underground. But, then again, Crustacean's new album is far from gritty as it is one of the better well produced thrash albums up the year.

For such a long wait, fans should be pretty satisfied with how well Crustacean approached 'Greed, Tyranny...' It still brings that attitude of old school thrash but with a clean sound so listeners can actually enjoy what's going on rather than be befuddled by a wall of sound and distortion. While some may argue the music has slowed down quite a bit since its earlier days and traded ferocity for a more accessible touch; 'Greed...' is much more digestible than the work on 'Burdens Of Our Suffering.' Take it or leave it, this one pretty much rocks the thrash genre.

  1. Spawn From Lies
  2. Sadist International
  3. Plausible Deniability
  4. Destructive Attitude
  5. The Fallacy You Call Faith
  6. Pearls Before Swine
  7. Contaminated Blood
  8. Attention Terrorist
  9. Unique Legacy
  10. Greed, Tyranny & Sodomy

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jul 2, 2011

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