Cryogen - Continuum

What is your relationship with technicalities? With melodic interleaves in brutality? Well if you're ok with the above carry on reading. If your brain itches only in the sound of them, leave now. This band is not for you! Ok, let's carry on then with those that stayed! Cryogen is a band from the USA and apparently their style of expression mixes brutality with melody a lot! "Continuum" is their second full length and release for 2013, succeeding their previous one of 2005 entitled "Premonition". Their music is a fine blend of the Swedish scene and bands as In Flames and Dark Tranquility, with the roughness of bands as Fear Factory. All mixed together to produce a melodic and technical style!

They obviously can play. No doubt about that. Their music gives out their skill, not only in their instruments, but also in song construction. "Continuum" consists of 11 songs and a cover song on Carcass's 'Heartwork'. The performance of the band is top level and that can be clear from the first moment of the hearing! Guitar themes that are mainly technical, and when they are not, they are very Fear Factor-ish, and that is their way to groove through the technical chaos. Almost every song is filled with leads and solos, but although I am not a big fan of music leaning to its melodic side, I got to admit that everything here gives you the icon of an ultimate continuous. It feels like everything should be there! The solos although a big part of this album, they're not a pain in the ass. The leads are a whole section that makes their style, and to those who like it, it will be a great band to check. The rest of the instruments, follow the lead of the guitars adding to the whole creativity thing. The production is the one fitting to this style of music. Crystal clear, allowing everything to be heard, and giving each instrument its place in the final mix. The cover in Carcass couldn't be any less than exceptional, as the boys not only perform great, but also manage to give their personal touch to the song!

So.. Let's sum up! Melodic and technical death metal from Denver, Colorado? Damn… I thought only Swedish could do that! A really interesting aspect of extreme music and a must-have for the fans of this type of sound!

  1. Alpha
  2. Machine
  3. Nucleosynthesis
  4. Rama I
  5. Rama II
  6. Contagion
  7. Capgras Delusion
  8. Moloch
  9. Continuum
  10. Synthetic Essence
  11. Exit Strategy
  12. Heartwork (cover Carcass)

Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 4, 2014
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