Cryogenocide - Torn Apart By Two Gravities

The Finnish band Cryogenocide starts its career and life this year with this EP “Torn Apart By Two Gravities” with only three tracks. Released by Rotten Roll Rex, and is enough to take its place in the technical brutal death metal world and consolidate as a future in this scene. These four men have experience in other bands of several styles, almost all of them in Turku, where they come from.

The ingredients of this work are brutal voices, technical riffs with leadership of every instrument, and of course a brutal storm of drums, all played with controlled brutality, ok maybe as every band of this style, but this one does it very good.

Dark space thematically lyrics, and a fantastic song writing as you can listen to in the second 'Sickening Solar Mutations' where they escape from earth with their instruments, or the bass lines, very inspiring. Of course all these attributes without missing brutality. The sound is clear, good production, the artwork is of course according to space thematic.

Can not loose this piece, and I hope they give us soon other sample of their cosmic idea of technical brutal death metal. We only have to say kiitos.

  1. Gravital Gut
  2. Sickening Solar Mutations
  3. Nebular Vomit