Cryoshock - Cryoshock

This is a debut death/thrash EP from Sweden, its sounds harsh. Vocally it’s very aggressive, almost going into the hardcore spectrum, but it is a death metal sound. The opener ‘Worm Patrol’ has a certain thrash feel, it’s absolutely raging, a rabid start to the EP. Whilst ‘Incendiary’ kind of mixes for me 90’s music as it’s of a slower more repetitive nature. Not bad, but not that enduring. ‘Feed Her To The Flames’ has a more death metal vocal rasp and older Swedish sound to it. The recording was done by Entrails guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist, you hear that influence on ‘Feed Her To The Flames’, the mixing was handled by the band themselves. It sounds different on different sound systems, when you have a full system employed, it’s a monster, digital media, well that doesn’t come across so great.

All in all, a decent effort but it doesn’t have much in terms of memorable moments overall.

  1. Worm Patrol  
  2. Incendiary  
  3. Feed Her To The Flames  
  4. A Congregation Infernal  
  5. Death Fumes


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 11, 2017

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